General information

1) Abstract submission is due to Nov. 25th (Wed), 2020
2) Abstract can be submitted only with pre-registration webpage (
3) Please write your abstract in this form and submit as an attach file
Authors can choose their presentation types (oral presentation, poster display, or whichever). However, the scientific program committee will make the final decision after review. After the completion of the submission, the scientific committee will select five best abstracts (food, nursing, experimental, basic, and clinical & epidemiology) to have opportunity of oral presentation at Young Investigator Session on Dec. 5th (Sat.), 2020. Also, a number of researchers will be given an excellent poster award. Outcome notifications are expected to be made available to first authors by late-November 2020.
5) Abstracts will be printed as submitted. As you cannot modify the abstract, please be careful not to make any typo.

Author guidelines

▶ 1) Length: maximum 300 words in one page.
▶ 2) Abstracts should contain: backgrounds, methods, results, and conclusions in separate sections.
▶ 3) The title should be concrete and definite.
▶ 4) Write the title, names of authors, and affiliation consecutively. Please underline the name of presenter.
▶ 5) Keywords : maximum five.
▶ 6) Font : Times New Roman, line spacing: 1.6
▶ 7) Title : Bold, 12 font size; Affiliation, author names, and the text: plain text, 10 font size Mark as * on the name if he/she has different affiliation.
▶ 8) As a general rule, abbreviations should be avoided. If the abbreviation is necessary, write down the complete term and regard the abbreviation in parenthesis in the first mention of the word.