Dear respected members of the Korean Society of Cancer Prevention,

The Korean Society for Cancer Prevention was established on July 13, 1996 with the official consent of researchers in the basic and clinical fields related to cancer prevention. To promote public health through cancer prevention, the KSCP has focused on cancer prevention, which is the ultimate way to conquer cancer, and has been working hard to put it into practice. This year marks the 27th anniversary of the establishment of the Society. Since 1996, the KSCP has grown not only in number but also in content, such as clinical cancer prevention, chemical cancer prevention, cancer epidemiology and prevention, cancer prevention mechanism, cancer prevention using natural products and dietary factors, quality of life of cancer patients, and cancer patient care. It is believed that the development of this society is thanks to the many members who contributed a lot of time and effort.

Due to the Corona pandemic, which started in 2020, various events have been held non-face-to-face, making it difficult to meet members in person. It is not clear whether the corona pandemic will end within this year. However, we plan the 'Cancer Prevention Day Commemoration Symposium' in the third week of March, the 'Five Colors Symposium' in the second week of July, and the 'Korea Society for Cancer Prevention International Conference' on November 24 and 25. We hope to provide the latest research information and a forum to communicate with various members. Moreover, at the international conference this November, we would like to discuss monitoring and management of carcinogens and cancer prevention in Asia with CAREX (Carcinogen EXposure) researchers. We expect the active participation of our members.

The KSCP publishes the ‘Journal of Cancer Prevention’ four times a year. Our journal is an e-SCI-level international academic journal on cancer prevention, and we believe that it will soon become an SCI-level academic journal. For our journal to further develop as an international journal, we ask for the active submission of papers from members.

Our society continues to develop thanks to the contributions of various sponsors, organizations, and organizations. I can't meet you, but I would like to express my sincere thanks to you all.

The new year has started with the corona pandemic. Everyone wants to get back to their normal life before the coronavirus pandemic. I hope that the corona pandemic will somehow end this year and that many members of our society will have a healthy year.

We would like to express our gratitude to the many executives who will serve with us this year. Our Society exists because of our members.

Thank you always.

Sue Kyung Park
Korean Society of Cancer Prevention